Burleighs Leicester Football Club Gin

Burleighs Leicester Football Club Gin


The world’s first Leicester Dry Gin, a unique creation paying homage to Leicester City Football Club and the heritage of our home county. Distilled with botanicals and flavours steeped in the history of Leicestershire food and drink. Making use of Thyme, Sage, Nutmeg and Mace, Leicester Dry Gin is a well balanced spiced gin, pair with a lemon wheel and fresh thyme for the perfect gin and tonic.

Rated: 4.5/5* by Difford’s Guide

NOSE: Crisp, fresh and vibrant with warming spice and bright citrus

PALATE: Abundance of Juniper followed by nutmeg, citrus zest and herbs. Earthy spicy notes in the background

FINISH: Long and dry juniper, hint of mace and herbs

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