Cotes du Rhone Domaine Beaurenard, France 2019

Cotes du Rhone  Domaine Beaurenard, France 2019


2019 vintage is in line with the top vintages of the decade. After a nice winter, spring came slowly, where our famous wind “Mistral” helped keep very healthy environments in the vineyard during that important growing season.  The last week of June, Rhône Valley vineyards went through a heat wave with temperatures above 45°C (113 °F).
Fortunately, our biodynamic sprays of horn dungs, silicas, chamomiles, nettles and essential oils, combined with the good water reserve of the soils from 2018, helped the vines to continue their growth in great conditions. Thanks to August and September gentle rains we were able to pick beautiful grapes, healthy and balanced.

Taste: delicate and supple texture, a deep and juicy fruit with refreshing notes of Provencal herbs for an immediate pleasure

Biodynamic Vineyard.

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