Quintera Da Davesa 30 Year White Port

Quintera Da Davesa 30 Year White Port


Yes a 30 year old white port! This amazing aged blend is beautifully presented in a presentation box and completes our aged white port selection. This blend is created with ports that are considerably older than 30 years of age. The colour is totally alluring and makes you want to try this on a special occasion.
Since 1941, vintages considered of superior quality by the family winemakers, were kept and stored in wooden barrels in the winery cellars. These extraordinary quality wines are used today to produce Quinta da Devesa Port Wines.
Tasting Notes: Clear, dark golden colour, with a copper green hue. The bouquet is complex and reveals an aroma of dried fruits. The palate is velvety soft with a long pleasant finish

Serving Temperature: Serve at 10ºC. Once opened, preserves its good tasting notes for at least 4 months.


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